Visionary artist and healer Karen Goldsmith created 'Art of NaShiRa' as a way to externalize
the sacred journey of the soul and its return to the heart. NaShiRa symbolizes one who
is balanced in the masculine and feminine energies, eyes focused up to God,
aligned to her mission, blazing her own trail, making her own footsteps, and knowing who she is.
The Temple of the Heart reflects the art of becoming One; in truth, of love, and in service.
The Collections section hosts a variety of spirit guides, angels, elementals and ascended master paintings.

The Chamber section of this site houses images that take you through an energetic experience
to help reclaim yourself, uncover your mission, and connect to unity consciousness
through the diversity of creative expression.

Browse through the chambers and collections of paintings. Interact with the ones that call to you.
Trust your own experience and journey. Each piece of art unlocks and expands us to greater awareness.

Enjoy your journey. From my heart to yours.